We are a gathering of Filmmakers, Film Fans, Producers, Directors, Technicians, Artists, and anyone who has a love of motion pictures! We welcome all submissions to our festival.


All genres are welcome.

Big budget to no budget! We want you to show your work and meet other artists who want to meet you!



Yes. But we are more than that. We have always noticed that most film festival quickly become about the films and not the Filmmakers. We are BOTH! Come and show your work. If you are not selected (as with any film festival there are only so many films that can be shown during the allotted time) then come anyway! You will meet people who you will benefit from greatly!


You will meet artists and learn things about the business you may not know. Or you may be able to teach others things you have learned. Either way, this show is about YOU!



Please limit submissions to DVD or MINI DVD TAPE. We would also recommend you make your NTSC DVDs on DVD-R if you are burning them. Please be sure to test your DVD and be sure it plays all the way through.  If you have a glass mastered copy we would prefer that.  Looking to have your DVD glass mastered? We recommend DISC MAKERS. Best price and best quality.  Foreign language films must be dubbed or sub-titled in English.  DO NOT SEND YOUR MASTER. Copies only and copies will be returned at the day of the showing if you wish.


If you wish them mailed back please send a SASE with the submission.  Cost of shipping is the responsibility of the entrant. Exhibition copies must be sent postage pre-paid. The Expo can not accept responsibility of lost or damaged entries.



We accept both! Please be sure to see our temporary schedule. It always bothers us when a festival waits until the last minute to post schedules! You can see how many slots we have available. We have blocks set out for FEATURES and SHORTS! The schedule will be constantly changing. But, those changes will be made as soon as they are known.



ALL genres are welcome.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


3 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Lyz

    been getting this question alot, what times is it open? The festival that is, schedule etc.

  2. This is my first time coming to W.I.F.E and I doubt it will be my last! Congratulations George!

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