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The Vampire Feature Film Jezebeth Is Now On Display At The Cannes Film Festival In France

The vampire feature film “Jezebeth” Written, Directed, Produced by Damien Dante, and Co Produced by Jeffrey A Swanson is being represented by R Squared Films at The 2012 Cannes Film Festival in France on May 16 thru the 27th. Booth Number 22.06 Palais 1

HiWater Has Signed International Sales Agreement with R Squared Films for the Feature-length Documentary SAVE OUR SOULS
Chris Hill February 7, 2012

HiWater LLC, an international production company with offices in both Vancouver and Los Angeles, and currently in partnership with Barnes Productions and Media Res, announced today that they have entered into an International Sales Agency agreement with R Squared Films for their new documentary, SAVE OUR SOULS.  The feature-length documentary, directed by Michael Sanchez, is an inspiring look at the personal lives of the cast of Slow Burn Burlesque, a troupe of neo-burlesque performers in New Orleans. The documentary features original music from “The Yelling” and the Louisiana-based Russian mafia band “Debauche.”

“R Squared Films is excited to be working with HiWater LLC on SAVE OUR SOULS as their International Sales Agency,” states Buzz Remde, president of R Squared Films. “SAVE OUR SOULS is an exciting new documentary that will have wide appeal with a global audience. Based on the exceptional execution of this documentary, we are looking forward to be working with HiWater LLC on several new films they have on the schedule for 2012.”

March 03, 2011 14:43 ET
R-Squared Films & Parker Entertainment Group Go for Ten
R-Squared Films & Parker Entertainment Group Sign a $20 Million Ten Picture Deal

NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwire – March 3, 2011) – Distributor R-Squared Films and Parker Entertainment Group, in cooperation with Stand By Entertainment, have signed a foreign distribution deal that will see the two companies co-producing two to three feature films per year for the next four years. Christopher D. Parker of Parker Entertainment Group and Denise Smith of Stand By Entertainment brokered the deal with R-Squared president Buzz Remde. “We have worked with Mr. Parker in the past, and we would like to continue to work with young innovative producers that can bring fresh high quality content to market,” said Buzz. Buzz and wife Robin Remde will serve as executive producers for all ten films.
“Our goal is to always produce high quality material and we have found a home that will allow our films to be seen by a foreign audience. We have always thought globally here at PEG,” said Christopher D. Parker, PEG’s CEO. The deal will produce films within the Action, Drama, Comedy, and Horror genres and allow filmmakers to realize their vision with minimum interference. “We intend to give the filmmakers plenty of space to deliver on their vision,” adds Denise Smith of Stand By Entertainment and one of the driving forces for the deal.
“Ten films over four years is a lot of work but we are always up for challenges,” quips John Harris II, Parker Entertainment Group head of development. “We have already identified a number of properties at the budget ranges we intend to work within, now that the deal is done it’s just a matter of executing.”
First up from the slate is an action thriller titled “Undeliverable” written by Gregory Parker, Christopher D. Parker, and Eric Burton, to be directed by Gregory Parker and scheduled to go before the lens this summer in Toronto, Canada. Independent filmmaker and PEG partner Rodney Allen Hooks has set up the slates second film, a yet untitled comedy, he wrote and will direct this fall.

R Squared Films and Mediafly launch web TV channel
April 18, 2011 19.03 Europe/London By Robert Briel
US movie distributor R Squared Films and Mediafly have partnered up to launch a new subscription based independent film channel, FidFid.com, that will be available worldwide on a large number of connected TV devices including the iPad, Android, Google TV, Samsung and Sony sets.Buzz Remde, president of R Squared Films and Carson Conant, CEO of Mediafly brokered the venture that will bring films and TV shows to viewers worldwide.
“Mediafly was just the kind of company we were looking to work with. Their wide variety of available systems to watch from and customer service both make sure viewers have a good experience,” said Remde in a statement. “The existing services are focusing on big studio films – but there are thousands of quality independent films and programming that aren’t getting the exposure they deserve. FidFid exists to fill that gap in the marketplace.”
“We saw the vision with R Squared because of their involvement in nationally broadcast TV shows like “Macabre Theatre” that run in 146 markets twice a week, their generous affiliate program and their wide access to content. This should be a success for everyone.” said Carson Conant.
“Our plan is to launch FidFid in Q3 2011 with a special introductory price of only $3.99 (€2.80) per month.” said Remde.
“From day 1 FidFid will be available on virtually all systems including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry Playbook, Android, Roku, Boxee, Samsung, Visio, Sony, Popcorn Hour, GoogleTV, Western Digital, Yahoo Connected TVs, Blu-ray players and several new devices we can’t talk about yet.” said Conant. FidFid.com will feature independent films from around the world in all genres, as well as TV shows.

R-Squared Films Inks Deal with Gravitas Ventures for Cable, Satellite and VOD Distribution

R-Squared Films has signed a deal with VOD and digital film distributor Gravitas Ventures to release at least a dozen select titles through major cable/satellite VOD and digital platforms in 2010.

VOD and emerging digital platforms are the next wave of film distribution and we are excited to be partnering with Gravitas to take our films into this exciting new market.
New York, NY (PRWEB) November 5, 2009
R-Squared Films (http://www.rsquaredfilms.com) launched in the spring of 2009 and in the past 6 months has acquired over 30 films for distribution into retail outlets like Amazon, Target, Best Buy and Barnes & Nobel. The deal with Gravitas is R-Squared Films’ first move into the VOD and digital platform arena. “VOD and emerging digital platforms are the next wave of film distribution and we are excited to be partnering with Gravitas to take our films into this exciting new market.”, said R-Squared Films CEO, Christian Remde. “This deal will not only mean increased revenue for our filmmakers, but it also means that their films will be seen by a much wider audience.”
Gravitas Ventures specializes in the aggregation of entertainment content for worldwide distribution via established and evolving platforms in the cable Video On-demand (VOD), broadband, mobile and airline/hospitality industries. The company connects independent filmmakers, production and distribution companies to leading cable, satellite, telco and online distribution partners.

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